New Hatched chicks, possible injury?


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Apr 16, 2014
Yesterday I came home to 3 hatched chicks. one was already cold dead, one was cold off to the side with an injury to the head i think, and the 3rd seems perfect. I stimulated the injured one with touch and it moved alittle and cherped. Momma hen allowed me to place it under her. A few hours later I checked back and the injured chick seemed much better. This morning I went out to see if they made it through the night since the weather has caused a lot of wind and the temperature has dropped alot. The chicks are doing great far as I can tell but Momma hen will not let injured chick under her warmth. So I brought the chick in and set up a brooder. The chick seems great and has really taken to me. But i am worried about what seems to be an injury to the head. Any info, advice is appreciated!
this photo shows the chick off to the side before I moved it.

The chick was very week and hardly moving, this shows the "injury". It seemed to be bleeding alittle at this time.

These photos are from today, like I said it seems to be doing great. I'm just worried about the left side of the head. Any idea on what happened? Or what to do? Leave it alone or is there something I need to do?

PS Ive named this chick Scarface :p

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Nov 7, 2012
I can't tell from the photo. Does it appear to be a birth mark, or something congenital? Or is it an injury from being pecked or otherwise injured? If it's congenital, your best bet might be to cull, as the other flock members will ostracize it, and continue to peck at the abnormal area. But, if you want to put the effort into a special needs chick, that's ok too. Mama might have kicked it out of the nest because she knew there was something wrong with it... or perhaps Mama is a bit addled in the head herself. Only you, by handling the chick, and knowing how much time you have to invest can decide the best course of action. Good luck. I'm a sucker for the under dog, and would probably give it a fighting chance... but not let it play in the gene pool.

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