new hatching unit help please


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May 10, 2011
so, after my great time hatching my ducks my Bf got loads of phesant eggs, so, they wouldnt all fit in my little incubator, so i made one, i got a reptile tank, and lights, normal ones, 40 wat and a thermostate crontoler and reader, styrofoam bin and put eggs in, put a blanket around the tank as glass looses heat, and then stuck all on, the thermostate is set to 100deg F and it clicking on and off nicely, now, i did notice, i put another digital reader in and its reading a little low in some spots, wich i figure is normal as it cant all be the one temp , so what would be considered safe temp variations, i get 95.8 deg lowest and 102.4 higest, but the thermostate reader is right above the eggs, so i get the truest reading to control the lights
thanks, good, info there, im not going to listen to my digital thermometer,as the thermostate controler is clicking on and off nicely, and it was very expensive, so i figure thats reading right
right, i took my eggs and candled them, some have veins, some have what could be veins and some not, i did a quick jimmy job, adding a blanket wall to block off the unused side of my tank and temp is a steady 98.9 deg, which i know by looking at my bulb themometer is perfect, as the liquid is right on my mark for perfect temp, so, i think i might be ok, i just hope my temp fluctuations didnt do to much damage, were only on day 6 of incubation

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