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Mar 28, 2014
I will be checking here to see if I can find some info also but need some help with a new hatchling. She seems to have some kind of birth defect or something wrong with her leg. Can't seem to stand up. She is strong, but can't get herself up. Her legs look okay to me but there is something about her spine or hip that is off. Could it be her position in the shell? Any input? I am keeping her with her peers, but already it looks like they are picking on her? Anything you are familiar with? Advice? Ever have to put a chick down? Thanks
How long before they are supposed to stand up? mine is 4 hours old and hasn't stood up yet, looks like she's trying tho. Hope yours turned out fine.
I've had a couple lay there for what feels like forever probably a few hours... There isn't too much you can do unless you can see something wrong with the legs. Then you an try to correct it. So far I haven't run into anything like this myself.
Now when they first hatch they will flop and scuttle then sleep for awhile then flop and scoot around some more before Finally getting up. So if that is what you are seeing then you're good. I had one chick spend a few hours just laying there not moving at all and I figured it would die but now I can't tell which one was my lazy chick and couldn't as soon as it did get up. So wait it out. Nothing you can give them teally
Thanks for your responce. The chickie is still scooting around, but lifting it's head. After work I'll investigate, someone told me not to touch them for 48 hours. I'm hopeful it's ok. Obviously it's my first hatchling and only one has hatched of the 5 I gave her. Two were broken somehow so there are still 2 under her. Thanks again!

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