new hens in the coop


9 Years
Jul 10, 2010
I had a raccoon attack a few months ago and replaced a few hens with some welsummers. The person I bought them from said they were in a breeding group. I have yet to get an egg from them. I have checked them out on a weekly basis and all is good with them. The only thing I can think of is that the person lied to me and sold me chickens that are older and have stopped laying. What are your thoughts?
Too soon to tell whether you got taken for a ride or not.

Chickens hate change and will stop laying if the move to new surroundings stressed them too much. They are also now eating different feed, drinking differently, and roosting in a "strange" place. It is the absolute dead of winter here, with extremely limited amounts of sunlight. Chickens are photo reactive. With only 8 hours of sunlight, they aren't likely to be laying. Give it time. Let's also hope your improved security prevents future predator attacks. Best regards,
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I will give it some more time. The raccoons were getting in the run on a grape vine that was overgrown. I cut down the grape vine and all has been good since. Thanks for the help

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