New hens prefer the shrubbery.

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    I have 3 hens. My welsomer has been laying for a couple of months now. She was almost a year old before she began to lay. At Easter I bought another 2 POL pullets - a Light Sussex and a Fenton Blue. They were 14 weeks old at the time.

    The Fenton Blue laid her first egg last Thursday.

    The Light sussex laid her first egg today.

    These hens [and a cockerel] halve their time between my garden and a school garden. At school, they have a large enclosure and an Egloo. Here, they have a small wooden coup with a small run - but spend most of their time free ranging in my rather wild garden. Today I thought the Light Sussex had disappeared. Couldn't find her anywhere, at first. I even got Mr impis out to help me look for her. Eventually, I moved some montbretia leaves and there she was, all hunked down. I decided not to disturb her. When she later moved, I took a look where she'd been sitting, and there were 3 eggs there. Little devils had obviously hatched a plan to hide their eggs!

    Here's a picture of the eggs:

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    Their some crafty little devils aren't they!! [​IMG]

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