New here and Hen has a cut on her neck. Help appreciated.


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Apr 24, 2013
Hi guys, I'm new to the group and new to owning chickens. I've had mine for a few weeks and got them as 1 year old layers from a friend. Today I went out to check on them/ work on their new coop and noticed something weird on one of my naked necks. She seems to have a large gash or cut on her neck near or on her crop. Here is a photo of it closed, but as she moves it sort of opens up and looks horrible. It's not bleeding, but has just a little dried blood in it and some yellow-ish tissue looking stuff. Anyone have any advice? I don't know how it happened, but maybe she got caught on a sharp edge of the chicken wire we're installing? Do you think it could have cut into the crop, and if so, what should I do?



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Wow that is bad. I would bring her inside to watch it and call a vet. If that gets infected it wont be good. You said you were using chicken wire. That will keep chickens in but wont keep predators out. A better but more expensive option is hardware cloth. Also look for what caused that so it doesnt happen again. Good luck.
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! Pleased you joined us but sorry to see the pics of your injured bird! Might need some stitching. Watch it as well around the other chickens...once they see weakness or blood they can be pretty ruthless to the luckless chicken. Might also post in the link below for more advice. Good luck!
Thank you for the replies! I'm pretty worried about her. She is isolated for the night, I've cleaned the wound with peroxide and put some neosporin on it and am going to get some sutchers for her in the morning. Stitching it closed is the best thing to do, right?

I plan on stitching the crop/muscle closed and then the outer skin closed separately assuming I can get the disolvable stitches. I've looked at this post and a few other resources and I feel like this is probably the best thing to do. However, I would REALLY appreciate any other ideas/ feedback you guys have!

Thanks again
Things are looking good. Yesterday I spent the day fixing her up. We initially decided to do stitches because I was afraid the area was too mobile and the super glue method wouldnt work, but the only suchers I could find to buy in town had a huge, thick needle (probably meant for horses or pigs) so when that didn't work we used Vetbond, superglue made for animals. The wound is clean and closed, she's on penecillin and things are looking good today. She's even still laying (althought we won't eat these eggs while she one the anitibiotics). Here's a photo right after we closed it up.


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