new here and need help with my crooked beak chick


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Hi my name is Misty from Az....
I'm new to having chickens. Right now we have 2 buff orpingtons, 1 white silkie, 1 rhode island red( i think,lol), 1 australorp(sp?),and 1 leghorn...The orpintons and silkie are around 8 weeks old the others about 4 weeks. We had another silkie but do to poor ownership
our dog got ahold of her and we lost her. My question is....we have a special needs bird(1 of the orpingtons) with crooked beak. I've gotten her deep dishes to feed and we feed her the normal chick starter(about to change her to the adult chicken food) but mainly she eats creamed corn, yogurt and oatmeal. does anyone have any other food suggestions for her? Also because of those foods she has become a big mess and not able to clean herself it gets caked on. Do you recommend a bath for her? if so, how? Should i use only water or is there a soap that can be used? I tried just wetting a rag and cleaning that way but it doesn't seem to work well and i worry im pulling her feathers too hard. Also it is on her face around her eyes, 1 area around her eye seems a little swollen can i apply triple antibiotic to the area? I think that's about it for now.....thank you
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I've never dealt with crossbeak; maybe someone else will come along. You can bathe a chicken, yes. People usually use something like a kitchen sink or large dishpan, warm water, and a little mild soap. Often they seem to enjoy it once they get used to the idea. You can then use a hair dryer on low to dry her if you want. Triple antibiotic around the eye is fine.

You might want to edit the title of your thread to show that it has a question about crossbeak. You can do this by hitting the "edit" button in your first post, and it will also let you edit the title.

Good luck!
Hi and
. I've posted quite a lot about my crossbeak girl may she r.i.p. so if you search crossbeak, scissor beak and cross beak you can some info. Mine got up to weighta and started laying after I starte sprinking grit on her food and treats. She ate regular layer crumbles and I gave her mealworms and boss sprinkled with grit every morning and evening. She could eat watermelon cut small and some greens and tomatos cut up but I don't think she got much grass when freeranging. I think she died of some other problem as she was nice and plump when she passed. Good luck!
I dealt with the same problem. I had a crossed beak americana. Unfortunatley he did not make it even with deep dishes. But my only suggestion is keep using deep dishes and you can mix feed and water to make an oatmeal like feed. I hope it works out

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