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10 Years
Jun 9, 2009
Sorry if I could have found this on a previous post topic.

One of my 7-year old Ameraucana hens after her last molt did not feather back out on her sides near her rump and her butt area. The others look fine. She is completely bald and patchy red irradiated looking and acts as if it is itchy. I see no creepy crawlies on her and she acts fine other than preening the area a lot. I have been spraying the area with tea-tree oil which does seem to give her relief but she really looks awful. I just made a vet apt. but thought maybe someone else has had a similar situation. A friend of mine directed me to this forum said it’s a wealth of information.

Thank you!
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Stop the tea tree oil!
If you want to put something on to ease the irritation then use a simple aloe vera (glycerine based).
Look for a good general supplement to give your bird > McMurry has an excellent one online called AviaCharge 2000.

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