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Jul 28, 2020
Hi everyone, I am Wendy and a new member from The Netherlands. I had three chickens as a child but that’s a loooong time ago, as I am slowly but steady approaching 45. We are currently building a coop and as we speak, well as I type, my first chick just pipped it’s shell. I have 16 eggs in the incubator. There were 20 but 4 were not developed with the last candelling to now there are 16 left. There are 10 Silverudds Blues, 4 Welsummers and 2 cream Legbars in the incubator. I am beyond excited and terrified. I read a lot and now I know what can go wrong it isn’t a very chillaxed first hatching time for me. But I did learn from all the reading I have to be patient above anything else, so I will try my best.

I found BYC on Instagram first and then came here, read a lot and decided to join as there is a lot to learn. My other hobbies are photography, gardening, watching tv and spending time with my dog. Here is a picture I recently made of a quail chick from a friend of mine. Hopefully my own chicks will follow soon.



And here is our coop, busy painting it right now:


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