New Hobbies During Quarantine?

Have You Found Time for New Hobbies in 2020?

  • Yes, plenty of time for new hobbies this year.

    Votes: 11 73.3%
  • No, I haven’t had time for new hobbies this year.

    Votes: 1 6.7%
  • Just surviving has been my hobby this year

    Votes: 3 20.0%
  • I would, but money is an issue right now.

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Nov 6, 2020
My S/O and I been working from home since March. Because of my asthma we’ve taken Covid pretty seriously and have really removed any non-essential trips to public places. Being home so much means I have the time to explore interests I haven’t had time to explore before. Also, I need to stay sane. Here’s a list:
  • Metal stamping (because I have a lot of pets and hope to get good enough to one day donate pet ID tags to my local animal shelter).
  • Sewing using a sewing machine vs by hand (because it’s giving something for my mom and I to bound over every though we’re thousands of miles away)
  • Making jelly & jams (long story, but I made a fatalii pepper & citrus jam that is to die for! Working on perfecting the recipe to share b/c I couldn’t find one anywhere)
  • Butter making (because it’s a cheap and easy way to take a piece of toast or pancakes to the next level).
  • Raising Quail from eggs vs buying sexed juveniles (because they are adorable and eggs!)
  • Making homemade bird food treats for wild birds (because the bird feeders distract our cat and give us a chance to bird watch from home).
Has anyone else been in a similar situation this past year? If so, what new hobbies have you picked up? Share as much or as little info as you want. I’d love to know how people are learning their new hobbies and why.
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to one day donate pet ID tags to my local animal shelter

That’s so nice!

The only hobby I’ve learned is cross stitching, it’s super fun! But I’ve had time to make a huge dent in my “need to read” books and have found quite a love for Star Wars lol.

@Weeg do you have pics of them
I wouldnt call them new hobbies, but I definitely did existing hobbies to a new level. I actually spent good SOLID time building and establishing a garden instead of throwing some plants in the ground and forgetting about them. I tended to existing perennials that I've never tended to before. I cleaned out chicken pens instead of saying 'yolo they're chickens' etc. Haha.
I have started animating and doing more digital art:
Foxiane's pet.png
art trade 15.png
art trade 16.png
Nice! I've been working on improving my art, and, quite honestly, I've improved a LOT from when I started to now.
I can't send mp4 files from here, unfortunately, but here's my oldest animation (mid-august) to my newest (a couple days ago)


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