New improved nest box! Pic.


8 Years
Mar 28, 2011
Yay! My hens are sooo much happier we revised the nest box from 2 to 4 nesting areas. 2 nesting boxes for 8 hens was not enough for my flock. I'd have 2-3 hens per box when they had to lay at the same time or the higher hen would kick the lower hen out. The nest box issue was causing feather picking.

All my hens use ALL 4 nest boxes! Yay! Even though 2 are ground level, they LOVE it! WOOT! My hubby made this night stand years ago in woodshop It's made out of solid oak. We were going to get rid of it, but it came in very handy!


After- there's a hen on the bottom left.
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