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Aug 28, 2011
I got my first ever incubater for xmas off my husband (brinsea octagon 40) ive ordered 12 eggs on line they should be here tuesday. Ive switched incubater on, filled 2 channels with water, temprature is 37.8c . Do i need to do anything else? Ive never hatched before.
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Well I am very new to incubating but from reading up,

Does the temperature fluctuate a lot? If it does that needs to be checked up on as it needs to be stable before setting the eggs!

Also check the humidity, I cant remember off hand what the humidity should be at but I am sure if you search though you should find it on here and also that it does not fluctuate

Also organize your brooder spot and plan ahead

I am of course completely open to correction

Best of luck!

Cant wait to get my hands on an incubator soon myself!!

Congratulations on your new incubator!!

Follow the instructions on your particular incubator and monitor the temp/humidity to make sure it is stable.
Keep incubator away from windows, doorways or drafts -or great fluctuations of temperatures.

There's a very good thread on the Brinsea Octagon 20 that you might be interesting in subscribing to.

Also, do check out the Incubation Information thread that is posted with lots of incubation tips.

And enjoy your hatch!!

Keep a journal. Write down the set date. Check the temps and RH regularly and WRITE IT DOWN. If you are hand turning, write it down. Keep your candling notes in there too.

Many people have better rates of hatch with the so called dry method. Basically let the RH be below 35% or so. You will need to practice incubating to find the RH that works for your area and your home. Essentially, the RH is all about having the air cell develop slowly and on time. You actually do add water if the cells are getting too big too fast. ANd I have used a fan to draw out moisture when too full of water. Candle or weigh eggs to measure air cell development.

Here is one of many sites with a picture you can print and have handy while candling for the size of the air cell.

I collected a number of useful sites. You will find loads of info here:

I have really good hatching rates with my own eggs and really poor with shipped eggs. IF you can, search out a local source. Or just be happy with the chicks you do get from shipped as shipping is hard on the eggs.

THe first time hatching is very memorable. GL
Thank you everybody for all your advice.
Ive had the incubater switched on for 2 days now (eggs arrive tuesday) and the temp has stayed at 37.8c . Im not sure how to check the humidity so im going to contact the manafactura on tuesday. Theres no draft and the temp in the room is warm all year round..thanks Arielle for them threads there a great read.. Im not sure if i put the shipped eggs in my incubater strait away or let them settle first?. I would of loved to hatch my own but my 2 cockerals are still to young, I check my eggs everytime my son & husband make a sandwich lol and there not fertalised..ill keep updating as i go on.x
When I get shipped eggs, I carefully unwrap them right away to make sure there are none broken, then I keep them in their egg carton on top of my desk or table until the evening so they can "settle."
That night I will place the now settled eggs into my incubator for hatching.

Congratulations... Your temperature is perfect. How is your humidity?

Hi Cmom, i dont know how to check the humidity, ive read instructions but dont understand what they mean
the incubater has 4 channels, ive filled 2 with water and placed the egg tray on top like it said, it has a sliding vent which at halfway, is that the humidity measurea? Im totaly going to bugger this up i know it
.. Ive ready forums but dont understand what they mean.. The incubater says it has a wetbulb built in but the only reading i can find is the thamomator!. Could you please help, Tracy.x
Ok im not bumping this up, ive had to change me thread name as im totall stuck on this humidity! My eggs come tomorrow and i havent got a clue on how to check what my humidity is! I have a octagon 40 if that helps? Ive read indtructions over & over

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