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    Apr 17, 2012
    Good afternoon BYC, ok I took the roosters back to my farmer because they were beating me up anyway in exchange for the roosters I brought home a buff Orpington and a Sussex...the Orpington is almost a year old and the Sussex is ten weeks, I put them both in with my other two ladies and oh my the cussin and fussin began. I took the sussex chick out because my Plymouth rock kept pecking her in her head, I figured that the Orpington would be able to handle her own, but there is still a lot of fussing going on out there. Question is will they all become friends without battering each other? Or is there a different way that I should go about getting them together? It has been about an hour now they have calmed down but they have seperated from the new one, are they always gonna be mean to her? I just need help please :(

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