New layer stopped laying


10 Years
Oct 13, 2011
Hi everyone. I'm hoping someone might be able to put my mind at rest.

We got 2 Buff Orpingtons in spring this year and one of them started laying about 3 weeks ago. We had six lovely eggs (probably 2 every 3 days).
Then we got two soft shelled eggs that were broken when we found them, so we don't know if they were laid whole or not.
Since then we have had no eggs from her. Her sister, who was hatched on the same day isn't laying yet.

We are in the UK and have had to shut them away in a run (2metres by 5 metres) with 2 other girls ( a much older one and another youngster who is laying fine).

I wondered if it was a calcium thing, so have made sure they have free access to oyster shell and have put some calcium supplement in her food.

She is bright and active and eating well. Could it just be a change of environment and the very short days? We have lost girls to egg peritonitis in the past, so I'm a bit paranoid. Can anyone help me please. The last good egg was about 9 days ago.
Do you know which hen laid those soft collapsed eggs? She may be merely experiencing a lull until her next ovulation, but she also could be experiencing an infection caused by one of those soft eggs collapsing before she expelled it. Yolk left behind in the oviduct immediately begins growing bacteria, and this can cause chronic infection and sterility if untreated.

I would err on the side of assuming infection is preventing ovulation and treat her with a round of a broad spectrum antibiotic. I would also treat her with a calcium supplement of calcium citrate. Calcium carbonate isn't always easy for some hens to digest, therefore doing little good. Calcium citrate is very easy to digest and gets absorbed very quickly. You can buy it where you buy vitamin supplements for humans.

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