New & loving my additions!


Jul 6, 2016
Pasadena, CA
Hi! I am new to everything chicken. I'm loving the three hens and one rooster that I've recently adopted. The rooster apparently had been used for fighting.

I've got lots of questions and I really don't know where to begin. Right now, during the day, they are free range in my fenced yard. At night I have them sleeping in dog crates. I am searching to find a coop for them with a fenced-in run, just in case I am not here in the morning to let them out of those crates. I'm working on a rather tight budget... does anybody have any suggestions where I can get a coup for a reasonable price?
If you have Craig's list, in your area - many times people have gotten coops and sometimes birds with them for very little $$$ or even free. Other times you can find chain link dog runs at good prices. Small wooden sheds can be converted into coops and so on.
Thanks, DD! Yes, I have been looking. There are so many choices..& not bad prices! Just trying to figure out what will work w my space. Someone suggested using one of those kids playhouses as a coop. Not sure if it would work. I have 3 hens. Do I need 3 nesting boxes? Do I need another for my Rudy, the rooster? So many questions!
Update... Found my coop! Woohoo! So excited! Hope to have it set up tomorrow & get my kids outta those dog crates at night! Thanks for the suggestions! Craigslist worked for me!

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