New mama hen attacked by established chicken

Pastors wife

Mar 5, 2018
North Central PENNSYLVANIA. 16915
I have a wonderful experienced 3year old Orpington who is raising 7 chicks. She has introduced them to my flock of 8 adult hens and a roo. Everyone was getting along perfectly until the 2 year old hen which is lowest in the pecking order attacked her. Bloody combs and face injuries to both. I separated them and put the attacker in a crate inside the run. She is safe from predators there and is communicating with the rest of the flock. On the first day the two fought THROUGH the crate! After 3 days I let them all out to free range with supervision. They kept far away from each other and everything went well until going back into the coop. Small dust up and I put her back in the time out crate.
Another bloody fight today. I don’t want to cull her, as she is sweet to everyone EXCEPT Martha!
Is there any hope? I’m afraid if I just let them fight it out for pecking order, one will be killed! No one is aggressive toward any of the chicks.
Please advise.

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