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9 Years
Jan 2, 2011
Yukon, Oklahoma
I Have Chicks Of Different Ages That I Hatched. Can I Go Ahead And Vaccinate Them For Marek's?? What About My Poults? I Purchased The Vaccine, But Now Am Not Sure Whether To Use It Or Not. All My Adult Chickens Have Been Vaccinated.
I don't know about the poults. I'd sure check on it before I vaccinated them, probably with the manufacturer of the vaccine.

Chickens are vaccinated with turkey Marek's. It does not prevent the chickens from getting Marek's. It prevents the lesions that cause the damage from forming. I personally would not use it anywhere around turkeys until I spoke with someone that I believe actually knows what they are talking about. It may be perfectly safe and great, or you may be creating a disaster. I truly don't know.

ParadiseFoundFarm may be an expert and know exactly what he/she is talking about, but I don't trust anyone over the internet without knowing something about their qualitfications.

Good luck!!!
Stop Stop!
I mis-spoke!
I am sorry.
I thought you were talking about only vaccinating the chicken chicks!
THAT I have from the IL Dept of Ag, it's OK to vaccinate the older chicks!
I know nothing about raising turkeys

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