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Thought I'd run my current set up by you guys to give me ideas/suggestions to improve things. First off - I inheirited (more or less) the first coop and 30 chickens from a friend who had to move. The first coop is an 8x12 shed, modified with roosts and nesting boxes. Unfortunately, the only pic I have on-line right is one I happened to take from my kitchen window during our last blizzard


Inside the coop:


I wish the nesting boxes were NOT flat on top, but beggars can't be choosers right now
These were give to us separate from the coop.

Additional nesting boxes that came with the original coop:

The main roost is a ladder like roost - I don't have a pic of it, but I'll try to get one. It's not bad, but many of the hens are choosing to roost on the new nesting boxes now

Last weekend, my husband bought me another coop/run:


This one has space under the hen house and three nesting boxes off the back. He got it for around $700, so I thought he got a great deal - only problem with this one is no roosts inside - suggestions?? It's home here now, and currently house four new 3-mo old turkens for my son

And just for fun, my yougest son and his favorite chicken:

You have a couple of very nice set ups. I would use a 2x4 laid wide side up as a roost in the new coop. Without picture of it inside it is not possible to have an opinion on how to attach the roost. I do know that for 700, you got a very nice coop. We spent at least that on the coop we built from new materials.
Thanks, justbugged, I'll try to get some pics of the inside of the new coop soon. It's pretty basic. I'm thinking I can use the existing studs and go between them with 2x4s.
Just a little plywood or chx wire mounted above nest boxes at an angle (/) will keep them off . Need to break that habit Nice weather you're having
Us too.
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Maybe you can run a ladder going up to a roost that is over the boxes. I did this, and put the poop boards between the boxes and roost to save floor plan. here is what we did. may help. Look forward to seeing your pics for a better idea. And welcome. You are in the right place for info and great folks.........

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