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Sep 11, 2019
Mulliken, Michigan
We had always heard the familiar peacock calls but one day a friend was riding her mower and texted "You do realize there's a peacock living in your back yard, right?" For two months Peedy the Peacock has been hanging out with us and around 8pm each evening he heads over to our large ash tree to roost.
It was apparent that he had, at some point, sustained a leg injury as he arrived hopping on only his right leg. I have however seen him take several steps using both legs but he eventually returns to hopping. Despite his handicap he seems to be well adjusted and just loiters around while I hang my laundry or my guy works on something in the driveway. Our pitbull acknowledges his presence but shows no interest in invading his space.
I've offered him carrots, strawberries, grapes, green beans, celery, swiss chard, cucumber, wild bird seed mixes containing cracked corn, sunflowers, and mealworms and occasionally a handful of meat-based cat food kibble but his favorite is watermelon (and french fries, of course). I find myself contemplating what type of shelter to provide for him here in Mid-Michigan considering he's basically a wild rogue bird (who is fond of my snacks). Thanks for sharing all the experiences.


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