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I have really enjoyed all of the information I have gained from the site and its members. I had 24 eggs given to me to hatch in class this past year, only two hatched. I did not have an egg incubator so we made do with a bacteria incubator and we lost temperature control for a 1 1/2 days. All this being said it was so much fun and the students and I had a blast. I decided to do my own eggs this summer to show my son how neat it was, still using the bacteria incubator, but much more controlled environment. I bought the eggs at a flea market they are due to hatch June 9th. I have candled the eggs and there are two that seem to be way more advanced than the rest. Is this normal?


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Sounds like you have a hot spot in the incubator. Most use incubators with fans to avoid this. When not using a fan many will rotate the eggs positions in the incubator to keep any egg or eggs from sitting in the hot spot for the entire time.


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It's cool to see you are showing your son! Kids looove that stuff, that's what got me into hatching actually! Did it in kindergarden then I begged my mom to try it again :)
Good luck on your hatch please post pics of the little ones! :D

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