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Apr 2, 2020
Northern Italy
thank you all for your welcome!
actually there were some forums about chickens in italian, but last posts seem very old (more than six years old!). forums lost a lot of users since the birth of facebook and it's a pity, they can be a very useful resource.
I'm going to gather some pictures and open a new thread to see if someone can help me to guess what gender are my chickens. I know it's early to tell, but I'm really curious! in the last days I tried to figure it out reading similar posts in the specific section, but this doesn't seem to be an exact science! they are going to be pets, so it's not really important, I just hope they can live all together without fighting and I don't know if this could be possible if they were more roosters than hens.


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Dec 4, 2018
Lakeside, Oregon
hi, my name is elena. I recently adopted 5 little feathered friends and I'm new to this. I found this forum searching for info about how to raise chickens... so here I am!
it's the first time I join an anglophone forum and even if I usually read in english and I can understand what I'm reading, my english is pretty bad, please be patient! I couldn't find any forum like this in italian.
I live in a small village in north italy with my dog (you can see her in my avatar), my cat and - since a couple of weeks - my five chickens!
I already found a lot of useful threads here, I hope to learn more! thank you!

Welcome to BackYardChickens! So glad to have you here in our wonderful community of friendly, helpful, knowledgeable people!

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