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Sep 7, 2019
Hello everyone!!

My name is MeLisa, username: Piper Pilot! My husband and I are new backyard chicken owners as of yesterday!! We rescued two Golden Comet hens and hope to add to our flock in a few months!
We have a small 5 acre farm in middle Tennessee and are both general aviation pilots, love playing banjos, listening to bluegrass music, working out and spending time on the lake when we are not flying.

I look forward to learning more from you and I know I will have many more questions along the way!
@PiperPilot - Welcome to the BYC community! We'd love to hear more about your chickens and see some photos of them. What a great way to start off- rescuing those sweet girls!

What types of planes do you enjoy flying? And as for playing the banjo, much credit to you! I have always wanted to learn but find it difficult to read notes and so I tried chords as well.

Definitely feel free to ask for help or general questions about raising your flock or growing it. People here are so knowledgeable and quick to reply! Since you have a little farm going, check out sister sites and ( also is great if you own livestock like pigs, goats, sheep, rabbits, horses, you name it)

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