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Dec 30, 2020
Angels Camp, CA
I live in Northern CA and have chickens! (Surprise)

We have experimented with many types of chickens and pen/coop configurations over the years.

Currently we are only raising chickens for eggs.
Right now I have the following in a 50' x 50' pen (open top with 8' fence and a large oak tree) covered nesting boxes but no coop):
1 Black sex link hen
3 Partridge Rock hens
4 Ameraucana hens
1 Barred Rock hen
1 Black sex link rooster (surprise)

The weather here is very mild winters and a hot summer - We have opted to forgo the coop because once the chickens were no longer chicks.. they would not go into the coop except to lay and seem much happier just having safe nesting boxes. Even when it rains they don't go under cover... and they roost in the tree at sunset.

As far as predators; we have two boarder collies who patrol the fence line and have had no issues with predatory birds. The only issues we have had is that occasionally a chicken gets over the fence (from from tree top) and the dogs will chase and nip but not kill the chickens.


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May 20, 2020
NE Ohio
So glad you joined us!

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