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Hello and welcome to BYC. I hope that you enjoy your time here. I have no experience with the situation you describe but others will help share theirs, I’m sure.

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Hi there and welcome to BYC, eggicted to have you here with us

Occasionally have had it happen but if they are both sitting there is a problem sometimes to watch for as they can fight over the chicks and accidently kill them, when it was just one brooding and her friend sat with her didn't have any problem, they were just inseperable so when one friend went broody the other sat there with her, she would get up and got to laying boxes when she needed to then right back with her best friend
Welcome to the forum. The best group of sticky-shoed people you'll find anywhere. :)
I've personally have never seen them brood together, had them fight over the clutches, and evens seen bantams fight over chicks. Sounds interesting and cool.

Maybe someone else may know more on it specifically, but I'd be leery when they hatch, chicks might get hurt in the argument of who's mama?

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