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Hello to everyone....I think I should have done this first before posting anything....I think a lot of you have already welcomed me once...LOL...Well, it is always fun to get welcomed so I will accept another one...LOL
OK, lets see what do you want to know about me???....My name od Donna Jenkins , my husbands name is Carl....Carl is 73 , I won't say how old I am...he he..... Carl has Alzheimers disease, been diagnosed about six years now ....Just took him to the Dr. and he thinks Carl is doing great....I am a retired LVN so I think he should be.LOL.....Well, we live on a little 15 acre ranchette LOL, down in Goliad, Texas...We are about 25 miles from Victoria...We do raise Dexter cattle , hense the name , Dexterlady...We own about 16 at present and how soon to be decreasing our herd....I do sell calves if anyone is looking for Dexter cattle...They are such a sweet breed ....NOT miniatures though, just smaller than reg. size cattle....Would not raise any other breed.....Love them!!!!
Now for my chicken history....I had about 25 chickens last year.....Lavander Ameracaunas, Buff Orpingtons and Easter eggers, a couple of Top Hats and one little Silky...Well, the raccoons got in and demolished my all of them over time....Seems like every time I thought I had the coons licked, nope they found new way to get my beautiful birds.....I had some that would jump right up on my lap for the meal worms...They loved them....I had one that always came up and wanted me to pick her up...She would stay with me all day if I let her...She just seems to love for me to take her for a walk while I was holding her.....I would walk down my driveway holding her.... One time I did this and I put her down on the ground to see what she would do...Then I started to walk back up the driveway....She would run in front of me , back and forth and around my legs squawking the whole time until I picked her back up.....She was a love and very attached to me....She would be the first one to run to me when I went out the back door....Boy when I lost her to the coons, I did cry, a lot!!!...The coons got my good Lavanders also...I kept one beautiful SQ Lavander in a separate pen to try to keep her safe...I put hardware cloth all around the cage so nothing could get her...At this time all my other birds were gone....So I had to keep this one safe....She was about 10 months old and she laid ONE sky blue egg about the size of a robbins' egg and she never laid another egg...( We do not have Robbins around here).And I was feeding her laying pellets.....Strange???...Anyway, I still have that egg she laid....Anyway, "something got in the cage at the bottom and killed her.....She was half eaten and beautiful lavender feathers everywhere.....I swore then I would never have anymore chickens.....But every time I see chickens , I miss mine so much....I know a lot of people say " they are just dumb chickens", but after having mine , I do not believe that.....WHY did that chicken run around my feet wanting to be picked up?....Why did she come running when ever I went out our back door?....No,I don't believe chickens are as people think they are....May not the smartest, but certainly not the dumbest.....
Well, I hope I have covered everything...If I left anything out , just let me know...Any questions, just ask....It is certainly a pleasure to meet all you chicken enthusiasts....I have ordered some lavender Ameracaunas , won't get them until next month, on my birthday no less.....Surprise!
Well, I'm of to go feed and check on my little heifer that is due Friday? or maybe the week end?...Not sure on the date anymore....
Ya'll are great on here, love reading your posts....Keep me informed.....Yours truly.....dexterlady ( Donna)

Hello Donna and Welcome to BYC!

So sorry about all your losses. The best defense for predators is a good coop. Keep them in a run if you have to. You might want to check out our Predators and Pests section for some help with keeping your birds safe....

A good rooster can help to protect the flock while out free ranging, but this is no guarantee either.

Good luck with all your projects on the farm! Sounds like you are enjoying your cattle! I remember as a little girl we kept some calves. I can not for the life of me tell you what breed they were. LOL

Welcome to our flock!
Hello :frow and Welcome To BYC! So sorry about the loss of your birds, it is always hard to lose a pet, and think everyone around here will agree they do make wonderful pets. TwoCrows gave you the link to the Predator forum, great place to get ideas on dealing with the darn things, especially the coons.
BTW, there is a thread on Lavender Ameraucanas you might like to check out in anticipation of your birthday chicks
You might also be interested in the BYC sister site, BackYard Herds, it has a whole section on cattle. good luck with the expected calf.
Thank you kelsie 2290 ,Mr MKK Farms , gander 007, familyfarm1 and two crows....Hope I didn't miss anyone...So nice to have so many positive people on here...I will be asking for help when I need it....Have to get my chicks first...I'm so excited...Just another month to go...I'll be on here reading the posts....And thanks for the links Kelsie and two crows....See ya soon....Donna
Good luck with your poultry raising adventures, and I hope you find everything you need to know. Don't forget to take a look at BYC's very useful learning center (If you haven't already)! The learning center as well as the forum should answer your questions! There is always something new to learn! Glad to have you here! See you around with the flock.
Sorry to hear about your loss.
Thank you Duckopolis, I am happy to be invited to join this wonderful group.....Dexterlady

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