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Jul 20, 2021
I am growing kadaknath chicken of Indian breed. I bought a kadaknath male chick on October 2, 2020 for the first time. Then on January I bought a pullet of cross between kadaknath and country chicken. Then I got a kadaknath female chick too on the same month.

Now the rooster and hen are parents for 3 chicks incubated by mom hen and 6 chicks incubated by my incubator. The 3 chicks are happily roaming with their parents and they are 1½ months old. The chicks from incubator are 2 months old but though they are from the eggs of the momma, she is not accepting them, so these 6 are in broader.

The female kadaknath chick that I bought on January was 2 months old then.. and now nearly 8 to 9 months old.. but she did not start laying. The rooster is friendly with her.. but the momma hen which is a cross between kadaknath and country breed always chases her away. So she is a bit scared hen and walks and eats every bit with over alertness so that it can escape from that hen. She got some infection in one eye and though it is cured now.. she is blind at right eye.

My rooster is not over aggressive, so he takes care of the two hens well and even takes care of all the chicks. I am happy with my flock😍
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