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May 7, 2017
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Welcome to BYC!
Can you buy smaller sized netting and then overlap it?
I would face the open end to the east for comfort. The evening sun from the west is uncomfortably bright and hot, the winds and rains usually blow in from the north and south.
I have no experience with peafowl so I cannot answer concerning teaching them to eat.


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Last thing, I was told that I had to hatch baby chickens with the peachicks to show them how to eat. Can't I do that or do I need to go buy some chicks when my peas hatch?
Hello, and welcome to BYC. It was long ago, but I hatched peafowl and had no problem getting them to eat. @casportpony what has been your experience?
Welcome to BYC! Sometimes I will put a newly hatched chicken chick in with my peachicks, but usually I just peck at the food with my finger or dip my finger in water, then food and offer my food covered finger to them. @KsKingBee raises hundreds of them, maybe he will have some advice.


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You have been given some sound advice already so I will just confirm what raingarden and others have stated. An open coop is normally better faced to the East or South in most areas. The 2" netting from comes in a lot of different sizes and is very durable. I plan my runs by the size of netting available, be sure to draw it tight so birds do not get hung up in it.

I will dip my chicks' beaks in the water bowl when putting them in the brooder and put shiny marbles in the water and in the food dish. Be careful of putting older chicks in with the young ones as they sometimes will peck the beaks and draw blood which tends to cause the older ones to eat the beaks off of the little ones.

Here are a couple of pics of a flight pen I made last year.

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