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9 Years
Mar 1, 2010
Hey everybody! I have been reading your lovely site for sometime now. My hubby reads daily but never joined. We started with 8 week old chicks last July boy don't things snowball fast! We have one 12x12 coup with a 10x10 run and one large rabbit hutch style coup with run underneath. Have 26 chickens. Big coup is RIR,Golden Comets and one NHRed. Little coup is a splash (chick-chick)silkie hen and a mixed up hen(cleo). Chick-chick went broody last week so we are letting her sit on some of her eggs and 2 RIH eggs at least that way she has a chance to actually hatch something since their isn't a Roo in her coup. We just did first run in incubator hubby got for Christmas put in 7 so far have the little chicks to appear to be all RIR and one RIR/comet mix.
Our Southern States is having chick day March 10 if we get new chicks(10) then do you think they will be ok to put in with the chicks that hatched Sun and today? Look forward to making many friends here. We also have 2 cats inside, one cat outside, one dog inside, one dog outside and one Mean Quaker parrot.
I work in a industrial mfg facility as a maintenance assistant and my hubby drives a truck.

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