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Jul 28, 2021
Hello everyone, we have finally moved out to the country and wanted to have our own chickens. I just got my coop and most of my supplies and planning to get chickens next week. My husband Larry and I are retired and moved to his family's farm in East Texas to be closer to family and friends. We have a long hair German Shepherd named Truman. The coop can accommodate around 15 hens, but we are going to start with 5 or 6 hens. Hopefully as I learn more, I can add more later. I feel it is important to learn as much as possible so we can give them the best life possible, and can enjoy the eggs they will give us. Attached picture of my coop.
Deborah and Larry Lee


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Hello and welcome to BYC! :frow Glad you joined.
I would not try to put 15 birds in that coop. Chickens need about 4 sq ft of floor space and 1 linear foot of roost per bird in the coop and a 12-15 sq ft MINIMUM in the run. I would also strongly recommend starting another thread in the Coop & Run Construction forum as your coop is severely lacking in ventilation.
I wish all of my coops had "people-sized" doors. It would be much easier to scoop poop standing up!

I think it's smart to start with a smaller flock, and, kudos to you for joining this group BEFORE you get your chickens so you can soak up information from a whole bunch of people who will be pulling for you to succeed.

Welcome to BYC! Let us know when the girls arrive, please.

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