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Hi I am from Nyssa Oregon I have never raised any chickens but years ago I fell in love with a Giant Cochin. I raised all kinds of farm animals now I would like to add chickens to that list. I have mini and riding horses, llamas, and goats, as well as cats and dogs.
Welcome to BYC. This is the placee to go if you are thinking of getting chickens. Hope you find it as helpful as I do.
I am not sure what breed I will be getting I am leaning towards
Giant Cochins I don't know if I can get them local or not right now I am still in the planning stage. how big of a coop would I need for 6-8 chickens or would I need an even dozen. Would cochins be good layers/egg producers
Welcome from Kentucky! even 12 chickens would not need a very large coop. Size of coop would depend on whether they would be staying in there all day, or if they would be let out and only sleep/lay in the coop... If they were kept in a coop, I would allow them to have some room to move around some...I'm lucky to have the space to let our chickens roam free, and am partial to letting them have as much space as they would like. If they do have an opportunity to roam, you could get by with a smaller coop...say 5x5 ish, just enough space for perches and laying boxes.

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