New Mexico 87002 - 4 Baby Chicks - Our 1st Clutch


Sep 25, 2017
New Mexico
We wanted to let our hen go broody and experience it. Now, we need to find forever homes for the babies. We only gave her a hand full of eggs - she proudly hatched 4 babies. One of her own and three from our American Game Hens. We have all the parents here. If you are in the area and looking for a few more chocks, send us a message.

These babies are just about old enough to go to their forever home! They hatched on March 13th and 14th. They have been raised by their very protective momma hen. She has had them out free ranging since they were just a few days old. Happy & Healthy. I don't know anything about shipping, but would be willing to meet half way. I will try to get better pictures ...
7April18.jpg 7April18.NoStripe.jpg 7April18.Stripe.jpg
I was told here that the lighter color chicks came from American Game Hens. Others here have said that the father of all is also Game Fowl. Now, Tootie - the broody hen is likely just a barnyard mix. The darker colored baby is hers. Posting pictures of the parents for review.

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