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Jan 14, 2018
Yayyyy!!!!! FINALLY! Like, F.I.N.A.L.L.Y! Lemon blues are coming my way!!!
When I first got my birds, I got some Brown reds, then a Lemon Blue SPORT rooster, which when bred, would produce Lemon Blue babies. Welp, none of these babies made it, and almost all the eggs didn’t develop past some veins. This year, I was wanting to try it both ways, and breed a Brown red rooster to some Lemon sport hens. I’ve been in contact with the man I originally got my birds from, and he has some. After months of looking for a time we were both available, its been decide di’ll go pick two Lemon Blue sport hens up this Saturday!!! I may also be grabbing a Birchen cockerel, if lacing matches my needs. I can’t wait to get some Lemon Blues this breeding season! I’ll make sure to update with some pictures of the gals, and possible boy!
Congratulations, looking forward to seeing your pictures!
We have made it back! The birds are settling in nicely, and I have some pictures! The two Lemon Blue sports are a hen, and a pulley, then I did come home with a dark skinned birchen rooster, but he is very skittish, and wouldn’t stand still for a picture, so his picture doesn’t look very good.

EF479935-E13F-4B4D-B01F-399BE0044839.jpeg B54E4600-BAE2-43F1-95BD-953C56BAE675.jpeg

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