New Mother Hen less than 1 Year & lost my other flock few weeks ago & we PU other hens & ?'s Wrong..


6 Years
May 6, 2013
A few weeks ago ? got into my run & killed 5 of my 6 hens who just started to lay a few weeks before & 6th ran away & someone lost most there flock but had 2 left so they gave them to us & those 2 started to lay within a few day's then last week or so we went to an Auction & bought 4 more 2 Large White ones & 2 Blk ones one's beautiful colors the other looks like a mini vulture no real comb or wattle had we not been at ckn auction I'd not think was Hen & the 1st ones we had didn't seem to get along w 2nd group so we separated them the old & the new Still Not 1 single egg from auction ones & I put fake eggs in still nothing no big deal gonna start over w baby chicks when they are sold at tractor supply in few months anyway 2nd Group 1 of the White Leghorns? had limp from the Start but seems ok & now & then it seems like it's trying to squawk the moth moves but didn't sound like my killed hens thought it was maybe they were new idk then the past few day's the Gold 1st hens one of them looks like she's Napping allot takes a biy of noise to get her to open her eye's & her pal Isn't staying to close to her & they both seem to be eating ok but one egg now & then the Auction hens I saw runny poop & what looked allot like when my dog has a tummy ache looked like yellow tummy Bile & we feed them std feed mixed w oyster shells & there in an outside run luv the dirt & I was lucky when all 6 pullets made it into laying hens until ? broke through the ckn wire & not only killed them but lined all but 1 up in a row just 1 was found inside the run & like I said the last one escaped while we thought after a few temp patches were fine for lil while till we woke up only to find she found a spot to get through & we caught her put her back in & she found another weak spot & was GONE Not a feather,her,nothing anywhere but I did find & got rid of 2, 4' & better Blk snakes & there's cats & other dogs & I Luvd them they were my babies I'd call her for about a week & figured she wasn't gonna come back & why hubby got me all these other hens kinda wish I had waited till pullets were ready then I know there age & health probs if any better than 6 hens & maybe 1 egg,anyone have any ideas??
Thank You
And if I can DL any Pic's & or video I will all I could get was Hugesnet

t Internet & it's cloudy so not dure if it's gonna work.. The Blk Vulture looking one No Clue what it is.....anyone??

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