new on byc. have ?s on guinea and pheasants.

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    Mar 19, 2016
    I am wondering if I can put guinea with turkeys. Or guinea with pheasants. I kno to keep chickens separate. But this will be my first time getting pheasant keets. I have had baby guinea before but hawks got them all in a week.
    Now im moved and we are building a chicken coop to hold chickens. Turkeys. Pheasants. And guinea. All but one breed will be sectioned off. 4 kinds of poultry and game birds yet only 3 spaces..
    When I had my flock before I had chickens. Guinea. Ducks. And turkeys all in one barn. Now im building more space and seperate pens.

    Next question is Will my pheasants fly away? ive never had them before and want to keep them as safe as possible. If anyone on here has a good setup please take a picture and let me kno what you are doing for them!
  2. Tony K T

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    Guineas with turkeys and pheasants are fine together as long as there is room for them to have their own space.
    Yes pheasants will fly away they need to be in a covered pen not only to keep them in,but to protect them from predators.These are my pens.I have 9-8x16x10 and 15-6x12x8.In the 6x12's I have 3 -6x6,and 5-3x6 off ground pens for young birds.
    In N.H.,Tony.
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    Completely agree with Tony K T, about the pens- must be covered and yes the will fly away.
    Around here everybody lives together with no problems but also stated above they have plenty of room. Keep in mind Pheasant are mean little snots!! They will kill youngster sometimes. Had a baby peafowl get to close to my red goldens a few years back and she was dead before I could get to her! coulda rang that pheasants neck! but I didn't as it was my fault

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