New owner of ducklings!

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by aglettt, Mar 2, 2015.

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    Mar 2, 2015
    Hey guys!
    Recently my friend bought Ducks, but I currently keep them because they are too loud in her dorm. From what she's told me they are about a month old. I've been doing research & whatnot but I'm still pretty shaky on how exactly to go about raising the Ducks. Any tips on what I should be doing with them at about four weeks of age?
    The ducklings currently!
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    Why would your friend buy ducklings living in a dorm? do they allow pets? for one thing ducklings shouldn't be kept on slippery news paper it can be hard on their legs. What are you feeding them/ they need chick feed or duckling feed all flock would be another good one because you wouldn't have to keep changing feed as they grow. Purina makes one called Purina Flock Raiser. get crumble Tractor supply carries feeds please buy what they need, and grit is very important since they don't have teeth to chew with so any treats given they will need grit TSC carries this also and if you go there ask if they carry smaller bags of feed and grit since you only have 2 little ones you don't want to have to buy huge bags. they also sell shaving which would be good to keep them one it absorbs the mess and is much better than walking on slick paper. Not ceder though just pine shavings. They look to be closer to Maybe 2 weeks. very tiny and need lots of love and care. Are they going to be with you for the rest of their lives? please don't ever think of getting them up bigger and then releasing them at a park or pond some where these are domestic ducks who will be dependent on you for their care and it would be inhumane to dump them off somewhere. Sorry if i sound harsh, I think it's very nice of you to take these little ones and care for them since your friend can't it's just heart breaking when people make hasty decisions and buy tiny little ducklings knowing they probably won't be able to keep them. Thankfully she had some one to turn to. most don't. here is some very good info on how to care for ducklings.

    Have you been using a heat lamp with them ducklings need to be kept at warm temps till fully feathered. it's all in the link i gave you.
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    Mar 2, 2015
    @Miss Lydia Thank you so much for your response! She said she purchased them as agricultural ducks & once they get big enough we were going to give them to the agricultural research facilities here on LSU's campus (if we hadn't fallen madly in love with them to let them go). They initially had some type of shavings to walk on but while cleaning out they're box I temporarily put them there until I can get more access to shavings. They are also currently eating chick feed. Thanks for the age approximation, my friend told me close to a month but I knew that didn't sound correct. I have also been using a lamp but the ducklings seem to not care to lay under it. After touching the lamp to see if a heat source was coming from it, there seems to be some heat but hardly any at all because I think it is an energy saving light bulb. The doc also came in a box starter kit. Should I move them to a different location? In my opinion the box seems small.
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    Are you using just a regular bulb? You need a heat lamp like the big red ones or even the the ones for lizards and such (more expensive). Ducks only get louder as they get bigger so I don't know what she was thinking about them being in the doom. I'm not sure she actually though that one though because I don't think Ag. Departments just accept random ducks. Since you only have 2 and they are still very young I think the box will be okay but you will need an upgrade soon. I'm glad you have these little ones and I hope that you plan on not giving them back :) how is the water situation going? They need water deep enough to dunk their heads but they love to play and make a mess of it. Feel free to look though my pics if you want some ideas. You do have some very cute duckies! I'm glad you came here too to ask questions.
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    I used old towels for bedding - gives them good grip, and are reusable. For two, that would work well. Or try old towels over pine shavings.
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    They need a heat lamp which you can also purchase at tractor supply and be sure the lamp is put securely on something so it doesn't fall into the brooder it needs to be at one end of the brooder so if they want the can get out from under the heat at the other end. At their ages the temp in their brooder should be around 80-85* and out of drafts. Get a digital thermometer and lay it in their brooder so you can keep track of the temps you want to drop the heat back 5* each week until fully feathered in. They need a brooder larger enough to be able to move around comfortably and have their food and water in with them. according to Storey's guide to raising ducks the size floor space should be 1.75sqft of floor space till 4 weeks of age then 2.75 till 6 weeks, 5sq ft there after . sooner or later they will be able to spend some time outside on nice days make sure they have a secure place to be because there are alot of predators that eat ducklings/ducks. The link I shared with you has alot of good ideas on how to care for them.Most feed stores carry shaving I mentioned TSC because most cities have them. Sounds like they have someone who really cares for them I wish you the best. please keep us updated on how they are doing and of course with pics. They are adorable, enjoy! I ordered these after reading how highly they were rec. they give off heat but no light so it doesn't interfere with their sleep.
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    Kiddie pool, hay, Frisbee for food, TSC bought waterer.
    There was a heat lamp (old office lamp with 40w bulb), but they stopped using it by their second day. I'm in Florida so cold is not an issue.

    Later on you can put the pool to a pool.


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