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Jul 3, 2017
Hello I am new to chickens and am learning quickly about them. 3 days ago I went to TSC and got 6 Buff Orpington pullets. One of them stands out from the rest and I am wondering if it may have been sexed wrong when they had them ordered.
They told me they are 2 weeks old.

It stands tall like it is proud and has a much shorter tail if that means anything.
Here is a picture of him or her. It is a darker buff, at least I think so, but they are under red light and are not cooperative so I can't get much of a picture.

This next picture is of another for comparison.

Thanks for any help.
My two TSC Buffs were different colors, and a year later they still are. So I don't put much into that.
BUT, 2 of the 6 pullets I got from TSC ended up being boys. So I also wouldn't mess with TSC for chicks again.
Nothing shown in these pictures is indicative of a cockerel, at this point. Chicks are individuals even birds of the same exact breed can look different as chicks and later as mature adults.
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