New Pea owner and don’t understand how to read their body language and behavior! Please help.


Nov 15, 2018
I have wanted Peafoul for a while and have had my hens for 5 years. I felt comfortable enough after researching to get 5 month olds (peahen and peacock). First thing I noticed is their poop is huge and smells God awful! Why? Also the breeder said she fed them cat food and chicken food. They have been eating the lay crumble but I don’t think that’s what they should be eating. The supply and feed store said they didn’t carry peacock food. Also the male displayed his feathers and started vibrating but I don’t know if he was scared or trying to mate with his sister?


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Peacock are displaying too only for the fun !
Brother or sister ... they don't know nothing about that !
Peacock food = chiken food .... a mix of grains ... cheaper than cat food! Peacocks are VERY hebivores!
Really? I need to go buy some game bird seed. Their poop doesn't smell as bad anymore. After watching their behavior I have noticed they both pick on the chickens in a display of dominance and both my peahen and peacock have displayed their tail feathers when confronting the chickens. Thank you for the heads up about the lay crumble.
This is my peahen displaying her feathers today. This was the first time I ever saw her do this. She is 6 months old.


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