New Pecking Order

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Chick N Mama

6 Years
Mar 27, 2013
N. Colorado
I recently lost my Head of the Henhouse, top of the pecking order, leader of the pack to a tragic accident while moving the chicken tractor. Will there be any effect on the rest of the girls? There are 11 others and they are all about 20 weeks and just starting laying. Is there anything I should watch for as the new boss emerges?

Her name was Summer and she is in my avatar photo yes, riding on my shoulder. She was my favorite.
Firstly I am so sorry about the loss of your hen.

Secondly, you could expect to see some fighting perhaps, some chaos as to who get's what first, but I think they should have it worked out again within days, most likely whoever was second in command will take first place now. Sometimes it can go real smoothly and you will barely notice when it happens, other times some mild fights will occur. Good luck and my condolences.

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