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Could anyone please tell me what my 8 week silkie chick has wrong with his eye. He seems to have a white film around it. I thought he was blind because he has trouble getting in and out of the coop and run. My other bird helps him up and down and all over. Today he has a white filmy coating around one eye. If it is a condition, please be specific about antibiotic type and dosage and how available it would be. We have access to a feed store a few towns over.
I hope the picture is clear enough.


Thank you
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Please post the bedding material and also how you house this bird. Sometimes dust can get in the eye and cause severe irritation etc etc.
You need to flush the eye copiously wiht a sterile saline (you can use the human one but also make yourself by boiling 1/4 tsp salt in a quart of water for five minutes and cool to room temp>you will need to make fresh daily) . You can restrain the bird by wrapping in a towel (be ensure not to constrict the chest too much otherwise it will have trouble breathing) turn the head slightly to one side so the water falls off the head (and not into the beak area where the bird might ingest the saline).
After you can apply an antibiotic ointment to the eye if you suspect infection... be sure to get an eye formulation of antibiotic to put in after the saline flush.
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The chicks are kept inside in pine bedding shavings. Prior to that it was newspaper on the bottom of a pen. He has had trouble since we got him 2 weeks ago. Also, is that antibiotic cream you would get for people or just animals? I understand that it must be eye grade. I am waiting for my teenager to get home from school to help me load more clear pictures. we will try the saline rinse away from the beak. Would an infection cause a chik to behave funny like partially blind?? Or should I be investigating another cause?
Thank you for your expertise.
An eye infection can cause it to act blindish as it maybe making the vision blurry or even partial.

I'm not sure on the eye antibiotic but, I would think human or animal would work.

On the pic taking, if your using a digital camera-assuming you are, then use the function for taking closeup pics-usually is a flower icon. It should help make them more clear.
As far as I know human or animal ...either would work.
I forgot to mention that I would give this bird a week of Polyvisol Enfamil formulation >three drops in beak a day as vit A deficiency is often associated with eye symptoms ....
I reposted the picture of the chick's eye. This afternoon it was bubbly and he was sneezing. All the topical antibiotics say do not use on eyes. Anyone have the specific name of eye approved topical antibiotic?
I am noticing alot of posts about sneezing birds???
Go to your local farm supply store and check there. That's where we get ours. Many will have something to treat pinkeye-that would be an antibiotic.

You're right, there does seem to be many posts about sneezing birds lately. As from what I understand they don't get colds you may want to read up on them and see what is being advised.

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