New predator gun.... need help.


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Jun 4, 2009
Dutchess County NY
Well not a new one but used one. I just got a Savage model 24B 22mag and 410 over & under. What a great gun. My question is can anyone tell me when it was manufactured? No serial# so it is before 1968. There are some letters stamped on the underside of the barrel and the barrel selector switch is on the right side of the gun. Any help is much appreciated. I put it in the predator section because it is my predator gun. If a mod feels it should be moved please do and except my apologies
The "B" is a date code-yours is a model 24 made in 1950. An A would have been made in 1949, a C in 1951, etc.
I believe the B is not the date code. But not 100% positive. But the date code is on the underside of the barrel. The letter I have stamped is a G. Did you get those dates from a list and if you did what year is the letter G representing?
I sold one of these out of my shop a long while back...this will help.

A 1949 B 1950 C 1951
D 1952 E 1953 F 1954
G 1955 H 1956 I 1957
J 1958 K 1959 L 1960
M 1961 N 1962 P 1963
R 1964 S 1965 T 1966
U 1967 V 1968 W 1969
Thanks to both of you guys. So G is 1955. The gun is in great shape probably considered 90%. I'm looking forward to sighting it in. And by the way I have been searching the internet for 2 days now and even contacted Savage to find out the manufacture date and I put a post here and get the answer in 15 minutes. This forum is outrageous.
Funny thing is, I am (on the side of my 9-5 job) also a gun dealer, I moderate another gun specific forum, I sign up here because I am looking for info on chickens and I am answering gun related questions within 10 posts here!!
You've found yourself a Gem. In Michigan that's a big dollar gun
That's cuz a .22 mag rifle is as rare as hens teeth and it's the choice gun for poachers in my area. Enough knockdown but quiet enough that the sound doesn't travel.....

For your needs as a predator gun, it's absolutely perfect.... .22 mag and .410? Shucks, I'm jealous. I'd trade both my .22's to find something like that!
Funny thing is I wasn't even looking for one. My youngest brother who is moving wanted to sell me his guns. He sold me a Rem 870 express combo and the savage. I told him I didn't want the savage because I have so many guns. But I would take the Rem 870 for one of my sons to use. His reply was I will sell it to you for 50 bucks. Even then I was hesitant. But he talked me into it. Any way I must say I am very happy to have it now.
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That is a nice combo firearm. I always wanted a combo like that, but perhaps a 12GA/.30 cal. It would be good for those days when you might spot a gouse while out deer hunting, or a deer while out grouse hunting..

Keep in mind if you have neighbors close by, and your out after a coon/coyote/?, that is going for your chickens, that a .22 mag will travel a long way if you miss your target.

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