New Project. Need yalls input and ideas

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    I have 4 golden cuckoo marans hens but no rooster and i cant find one around here. So this is my idea, I have two lavender orp hens and two lav roostesr and a barred olive egger rooster and hen. Pics will be posted of the OE. What group do yall think will produce the best project? Putting my french golden cuckoos with my lavender orps or putting my goldens in with my barred olive egger? Any input will be great. Both of my OEs have beards and muffs

    Or I could put my goldens in the pen with my black copper and splash marans roosters.

    OE Rooster

    OE Eggs

    OE Hen
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    If I was you I'd put them in with the Olive eggers. You'd be darkening the olive color in the resulting hens eggs that inherited the green gene and the others should still stay fairly dark brown egged too. Also the chicks should be either cuckoo/ barred or golden cuckoo. The only benefit of the Lavendar cross that I can see is increased size for eating. With those the resulting hen's eggs would be similar to regular Easter Eggers.

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    If you have a black copper marans rooster, then use him. Golden Cuckoos are Barred Black Coppers so using a Black copper roo on golden cuckoo hens will give you Black Copper hens and Golden Cuckoo roos ( but these roos would only have one copy of barring. And then you could bred these GC roos on your GC hens and from that half of your pullets will BC and the older half and all roos will be GC.

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