New Pullet


7 Years
Apr 13, 2012
I just got a new pullet and when I brought her home and put her in the coop with the others, they started pecking at her so I took her out and put her in the brooder. I'm nervous that she'll get lonely and die. Is there any way to prevent that other than buying another chicken?
introduce her slowly over a period of time so the others will get used to her....than try outting her in w/ the others after a few days at night so they wae up together.......she might be lonely now, but i dont think she will die
How old is she? I never introduce only one chicken anymore as it is too stressful. I would rather put the new chicken in a dog kennel in a crate with two middle pecking order hens for a week to make "new" friends as chickens seem to flock together under stress of a new surrounding.
YAY!!! All better I went back to the place where I got her and bought 2 more hens! Now she has friends and can live outside

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