new pullets are LOUD

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    I never realized there would be a difference vocally, between spoiled coddled pullets and ones who were raised without much handling. I purchased five pullets, 14 weeks old and one 18 weeks old, yesterday. They were given the best of care, feed, and shelter, but they were not handled much. My own that I have around the same age, have been handled, scritched, hand-fed, *and our one layer even lived in my daughters bedroom for months, as an ICU unit.*

    The ones I raised are very quiet. They mumble, but never squawk and carry on- egg laying moment excepted. However, these new girls are LOUD LOUD LOUD. I do know they are stressed and still need to settle in, but even normal 'conversation' between the girls is LOUD. They carried on all day, and got louder and louder the closer it came to dusk. I think every neighbor on my block probably heard my illegals last night when I had to catch them and put them in the coop. They were searching for a place to roost, but wouldn't go in the 'scary' coop. ( I know that it is because it is new to them. Hopefully tonight I wont have to tackle a screaming bird in the dark to catch it.)

    Please tell me they will quiet down. I know there is volume in numbers- and I identified one that is more of a complainer than the others...however yesterday my backyard sounded like the state fair.
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    Lock them in the coop for four or five days and don't let them out. (If there is adequate ventilation and light inside)
    Once they realize THIS is HOME Sweet HOME, they'll be headed for home at the first inkling of darkness.
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