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    Oct 11, 2014
    I am purchasing some 17 week old pullets from stromburg hatchery for a friend they only would like 3 so I'm thinking I would take the other two,all of them are white leghorns. I currently have 14, all different breeds including white leghorn, black austrolorp, EE, and barred rock, From 3 years to 20 weeks, I'm just wondering if it's ok to put these birds together, the coop is 12' x 12' and they have a 6'x 16' outside run as well, included in theses birds are 2 Roos, everyone seems to get along well I am hoping I do not upset the order by doing this or do you think they should settle in with the rest? Thanks
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    Feb 18, 2011
    Space wise, the generally recommended area is 4 square feet per bird for the coop and 10 for the run, you have extra space in the coop, but your run is small if they don't free range.
    Breed wise, it sounds like you already have a mixed flock with Leghorns that are doing fine, it will take awhile but adding more should work out OK once they are integrated in to the flock. It will take awhile to combine the new birds, probably at least a month (and you might want to really consider doing a health quarantine first, keeping the new ones totally separated from your birds.) For integrating the flocks, it is best to have a long period of the two flocks being able to see each other but no touching, through wire seem to work best, ie dividing the coop into two sections or keeping the new/younger ones in a cage inside the coup for a couple of weeks to a month at least. The chickens will get to know each other and sort of work out a pecking order before actually coming in contact with each other. After a week or two, if you can, letting them free range together is a good idea and should help... It will take a couple of weeks to get the pecking order sorted out.
    There is a nice article in the Learning Center on quarantine and integrating flocks you might like to check out,

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