New Quail Chicks - help with color *Lots of PICS!!*


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Sep 1, 2009
Norco, CA
Got new babies today! I'm happy to report that almost every egg that developed - hatched and survived as little chicks! There were two that developed into crossbeaks - 1 died in the shell, was only partially developed, at day 10. The other crossbeak needed help hatching, then I saw that it was a crossbeak and had to cull. The remaining 9 are healthy, eating, drinking, mowing each other over and taking lots of naps! Any help in what colors these are would be great! There are 5 Buttons and 4 Jumbo Coturnix.

Here's a little one coming out of the shell - she was really weak, and only managed to zip - so I popped off the top for her (after several hours) to make sure she could breathe.

Here she finally got her head out and could breathe easier. I just took her out to take a quick picture and put her back in the incubator.

Here she is all hatched and fluffed up. She's a little runt - but she's beautiful - I love her color and she's really sweet.

4 Jumbo Coturnix chicks in the hand is better than 10 shipped Jumbo Coturnix eggs...



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oohhh CUTE!!!
i wanted to get some quail, we ended up with 2 pheasants becasue they had them one day at the feed store.. pheasants are spastic... are quail as spastic as the pheasants??
aahh who am i kidding.. i'll probly still get some at some point...
grats on the tiny ones
In a few more weeks they'll be more "spastic". Right now they are just adorable. Quail are very good jumpers and easily startled - they will jump straight up a few feet when startled and can brain themselves on low ceilings - that's the only really spastic thing they do. I heard that they do imprint if you hatch them yourself and are not quite so wild...and they will remember you. Right now, they follow my hand around and some like to crawl in my hand and take a nap...I hope they remain this tame!
Im sure as with me alot of us are looking at them they are really cute I just hatched my first about 20 mins ago
OH cute are they ! The man I bought my Guinea keets from hatched quail too.. he had 5 Button babies. Couldnt' believe how tiny they were ! He wanted me to take some of the regular quail but I just couldn't. I would have been very upset if they were killed by something. Such as neighbor's cats or even my dogs.
Congrats on your adorable little babies.
Rochester, MA
If you want some quail,,, get coturnix... any kind will do. I have A&M, Jumbo, Tibetan, Speckled and love them all. They are some of the best natured birds I've ever raised. I hatched all of mine. I had 7 A&M hens & 5 roos in March. They have become over 350 as of today, with 235 more in the hatcher this weekend! Get em! You'll love em! Just look at vyshtia's pics! Imagine over 200 of those at one time!
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