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Discussion in 'Quail' started by Daringescape, Nov 3, 2013.

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    So, I am thinking of getting some quail to raise for meat (and possibly trying to stock my own secret hunting spot, too... Shhhh)

    I have a chain link dog run that I don't use, it is 8x12. I was thinking of using this to house the quail. Will it work?

    My plan will be to line the chain link with chicken wire and dig down 3 feet or so so the quail can't dig out. I will cover the top with some sort of roof (wire, or something similar) I have chickens, and predators have not been a problem where I live except for one unfortunate opossum incident about 5 years ago.

    I want to grow some natural cover and food in the enclosure as well. I was thinking of planting some crops as well as some natural grasses, shrubs, etc. I live in southern CA, so the weather is not a problem - we have lots of native quail here and they survive just fine.

    My idea is to raise them in as natural as a habitat as I can get. I was thinking of not providing nest boxes and just let them build their own. Is tis an OK idea?

    I have 6 chickens, but they are for eggs so the setup is a bit different.

    any advice would be great!!
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    Its a good idea as long as you line it with chicken wire as you were saying and top it.
    I would at least put a shelter in there (plywood box or dog kennel) Just for wind barrier and when you get a mean one the others have to have hiding places.
    As far as shrubs and food sources I planted Small elderberry bushes in my run and they worked great for shade/shelter and also provided a fun snack of berries for my bobwhites
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    I use chainlink dog kennel runs for my quail aviaries as well. They are easy to work with and install. But chicken wire will still allow things to get in...(mice, rats, snakes, etc..) The best thing to line it with is hardware cloth. It is far more sturdy and chew proof than chicken wire. And quail can put their heads thru chicken wire, and a big head can get stuck. LOL

    I used railroad ties as a base, buried one completely and put another on top and attached the dog kennel panels to the top tie. Nothing can dig in or out.

    You might also want to put on a roof to keep out rain or snow. Mud is NOT good for quail feet nor is the constant wet ground. You will have troubles with bacteria's and virus's, not to mention parasites with damp ground. I use rolling tarps that I can roll and unroll depending on the weather.

    I like to use grass hay for bedding or litter. You will need something down other than dirt to help with the poop cleanup and keeping feet clean. And grass hay is good for building nests, and they will take advantage of it during nesting season.

    Put in a brush pile. Quail enjoy spending their days beneath the brush and don't like to be exposed. If you don't offer them something, they will pace all day long to get out of the enclosure. This stress is not good for them. I use fake christmas trees as I got tired of cutting real ones every few months.

    And as stated above by WaterfowlWeirdo, make sure to offer up some shelter to escape wind, rain and snow.

    Good luck with your quail adventures!

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