New Recruits!


Apr 21, 2020
Hello everyone! So I just got two new chicks! I know, I know I need to stop and I will cause these two are pretty much all the coop can fit.(Goid thing the coop can fit the 13 I have cause if it could fit more that 13 would turn into 130 faster than you can say chick!). Say hello to Smokey the lavender Orp and popcorn a frizzle bantam something?


Do you guys think you could help me figure out what popcorn is? She was only labeled as a frizzle I know she is a bantam because of the size difference she is so tiny and cute she does have feathered legs and she is a tannish orange color with white flecks on her tiny wing feathers. Does anyone know what she is? Is she really a frizzle because usually when I see frizzled her age the tiny wing feathers start to pull back a little at the time? Whatever she is I love her and they are inseparable!

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