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    Dec 18, 2011
    I have 9 chickens before, 4 has passed- from drowning, 2 from disease (1 unknown, 1 runt, defected kidney since birth, bled out) and 1 has killed by my RIR. I am getting 3 Red Links 2moro (they are NOT going with the older hens who killed one of my other chick[​IMG]) Im not sure how old they are, because they will be from a feed store (last minute thing) ill ask for and basic idea of how old they are...
    I need to know if this is ok-

    Straw bedding
    Chick starter
    Boost in water
    lamp at 95
    water and food at furthest point from the lamp (not overheated.. yuck hot water)
    stones/marbles in water

    I need ideas for names.. 3 names for hens... thanks! I'll tell you if I end up picking one of your names :)

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