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I have read the treads about integrating new hens and roosters with established flocks, but what about a Roo and his 3 hens? My friend is going through a nasty divorce, and needs to find a home for her Roo and 3 hens NOW. So, she is bringing them to my house tonight.

I currently have 6 hens, all about 6 months old. No roo. The plan is that the roo and 3 hens will be in a big dog crate in the coop. We will put them in there tonight, while all are sleeping. Hopefully the introductions through the crate wire will go well, then eventually integrate them with the flock.

We have met the rooster before and he is friendly and a good protector of his flock.

My big question is that since this roo already has 3 ladies, with that cause more problems with my 6 hens? Any other advice?

I wouldn't worry about the rooster accepting your pullets. It is the hens and your pullets that will show the friction during an integration. Just give them as much space as you can when they first mingle.
I agree, it's the women you are going to have trouble with! If at all possible, fence off an area for these new birds so that everybody can get used to seeing each other around for a while before you put them all together. Otherwise, there is going to be fighting and it may be brutal. Giving them some time to get used to each other before sharing space will lower that fighting to more normal pecking order scuffles.

Actually, quarantining new birds away from your flock for at least 30 days is always a good idea so you can observe them for any signs of illness. Bringing home a respiratory disease to an otherwise healthy flock is a real downer!
We sectioned off a big corner in the coop for the new birds, who arrived last night. They had a long car ride and were a bit stressed, but settled in nicely. They were interested in a bit of water, then hopped up on their roost for the night.

My hens, on the other hand, were not happy about being awakened and sat on their roost panting and staring at the new birds.

This morning, all seemed relaxed.

BUT, I must say, this rooster is the BIGGEST boy I have ever seen! He is more than twice the size of the largest hen and his chest is almost a foot wide! Yowzah!

So in addition to my 2 BRs, Brown Leghorn, 2 RIRs and 1 PR, I now have a rooster of unknown breeding (he is all red) named Rawhide, a Japanese Bantam named Matilda, a Cochin named Sally, and 1 other named Shirley that I haven't figured out yet. This one is almost all black, with dark green and dark blue/purplish feathers. She is really pretty.
Maybe your rooster is a Rhode Island Red or hatchery red? The roo in my avatar is a hatchery RIR, he's good sized, right at 10 lbs.

Hope you new birds settle in ok. Having the rooster may help things as a good rooster will break things up if pecking order issues get a little overheated.
The first night together was a little rough - the roo picked on ONE hen, constantly. Now he just pushes them ALL off the top roost bar as he wants it for himself. Selfish man! :)

All of them have been able to free range during the day, and it is so funny that my original 6 stick together, and the new 4 stick together. Occasionally one of the originals will hang out with the newbies, but they stay separated for the most part.

My 6 have been handled since they were babies, come when you call them, and will take treats from your hand. The new ones have not been handled in the same manner, so are a bit skittish when I get close. But I think we are making a little progress. When I am feeding my girls their treats, the other 4 come close. One of them, Shirley, will now actually take a treat out of my hand. The roo just sort of stands back and watches, but will get closer if I throw treats on the ground.

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