New rooster not doing his "job"... any advice... help!


10 Years
Mar 2, 2009
We got a new rooster a few weeks ago. He's a big beautiful cuckoo marans roo... about 2-1/2 years old. We kept him in a separate pen next to the girls for about 2 weeks and just put him the same yard with the girls about 10 days ago. The good news is they all get along wonderfully... the bad news is he doesn't seem to be romancing the girls... at all... such the gentleman! Anything I can do... we put him in with our EE's to make Olive Egger babies...
Light some candles and put on some Barry White.


Ok, I really don't know but I am sure someone will come along with an idea;)
That cracked me up... I was thinking maybe dinner and a movie...
I'm not positive... and I agree they are real quick! I have been checking the eggs daily though... and none have been fertile... not a one bullseye
. I wonder if he just needs a little more time to get to know the girls.
I was going to say the usual stuff - he's breeding them when no one is around, check the eggs for fertility. And I still will.

But now you're made me homesick! You're from Dripping? I lived in the Hill Country for 20 years. Been here for 9, but my heart is still in the HC!
So much for my ideas, then.

AND you do glasswork?
So do I but not much fusing.
Could be that's why he was put up for sale...just a thought. Some folks say that if you separate them for a few days, it helps them feel more romantic when you put them back in.
Good idea Wynette, absence does make the heart grow fonder..........................
Small World ranchhand! Yes.. we are in Dripping Springs. We moved here from Austin 3 years ago. We have a lovely place on 5 acres... which feels enormous to a girl that had only lived in the city. I loving country living!

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